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Alternative to Adderall?
An_245082 posted:
I started taking Adderall after a head injury about 7 years ago. I have difficulty remembering details, tasks, important work conversations. Recently, it has been impossible to get the brand name Adderall medication within 50 miles of a drug store. I have had to get the generic and it does not work the same. I have palpitations and it is not as effective. Is there an alternative medication that works as well as Adderall?
Gina Pera responded:
Hi there,

Yes, you're not alone. Shortages of the medications that treat have been a problem for many people in the last year or so.

You can try a few things.

Does your medical plan offers 90-day mail-order pharmacy benefit? That might offer a more reliable supply than possible with local drug stores, which stock only small supplies of these medications.

Many people who find that Adderall works for them find that Vyvanse works well, too. It's not exactly the same formulation, and it's definitely not the same delivery system. So, Vyvanse might not work as well for you. But it's worth trying.

For more information on generics and ADHD meds, you can read here:

I hope this helps.

Good luck,
Gina Pera replied to Gina Pera's response:
Correction. The first paragraph above should read, "Shortages of the medications that treat ADHD have been a problem for many people in the last year or so."