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Phentermine for ADHD
jazzcarrier posted:
I have been told in the past that I am depressed and have been prescribed multiple antidepressants which none ever helped. I have not taken anything since 2008 due to always feeling worse. I have always had a very hard time concentrating and it frustrates me to no end. I would read and reread something multiple times before I even knew the basic content of an assignment in school because I just couldn't pay attention. My mind was going a 1000mph down any other path other than what was in fron of me. I have been told over and over that I'm ADHD by friends and family but I have always taken it as a joke since I was so tired and depressed all the time. How could I have ADHD if I couldn't get out of bed? 5 months ago I went to see a Dr. about weight loss as a last ditch effort before looking into gastric bypass. I eat when I'm bored to keep doing something and my weight has spiraled out of control. The Dr. prescribed me Phentermine. My life has done a 180! I have lost almost 50 lbs, my mood has been good and I feel fantasticly normal!!! I never thought I would ever over come the feeling of despair and hopelessness and thoughts of just wanting to end everything because I don't want to go on....and yet i feel completely normal for the first time ever! I don't have to eat all the time to keep busy doing something and I am able to read my assignments and get them done....AND understand them!! My husband is overwhelmed by the change in me. He wants to know why I am so content now.
I ran out of my prescrition and within 1 week I was feeling that depression kick in and I don't want that back! I made an appointment and will have 2 more months of the prescription. My question is how do I find out about staying on Phentermine without looking like a drug seeker? I don't believe it's an addiction as I don't think about when I can have my next pill and it doesn't make me feel; for lack of better words, 'high'. I don't want to slip back into depression! I want to live my life and not crawl back into a hole and never come out! NOw that I know what it's like to feel normal with focus and a good sleep pattern I can't imagine going back to the hell I was struggling to survive every day!! Can anyone tell me where to start and who to contact? I owe it to my kids to be a mom and not a checked out shell of depression.
kbrook77 responded:
I've suffered the same with depression for years with anti meds doing nothing but making me feel worse.I had the same issues concentrating and would have to read things over an over to actually understand what i was reading. I was put on stimulants in 2008 after being diagnosed with adult add. Wow is all i can say i was a different person in so many ways. I was more social and confident and those were two things i struggled with since i was in my early teens.i will say it was the best thing i did for myself and my family. Im currently on Vyvance 70mg 1 time a day. Most all Stimulants prescribed for add/ adhd are controlled substances and cause the risk of abuse so if you take your meds the right way and talk to your doctor when you feel your meds aren't working like they used to you will less likely become addictive.Talk to your family doctor or even a psychiatrist about trying meds for add/adhd.
Gina Pera responded:
First, congratulations! It sounds as thought you've made an important discovery.

I'm sorry to say I'm unfamiliar with phentermine. And, even thought I've read up on it now, I can't really comment.

But I can tell you that many people with untreated ADHD struggle with obesity. These are often the people who are considered "treatment failures" with traditional weight-loss programs. I write about an interesting study where these researchers identified such patients and administered ADHD medications. That resulted in weight loss AND treatment of ADHD symptoms. You can read about it here:

I encourage you to look into ADHD and see if the description might fit, at least meriting an evaluation with a qualified professional.

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