Monthy visit hassles - time and cost!
liveswithADD posted:
I am 34. I have been dx with ADHD since I was 9. I CANNOT afford the monthly Dr. appt as my insurance copay increased for the 3rd time in 3 years. My ADHD meds cost less than my apt at the Dr. I was considering online meds option but I reasearched and the ones that will take my insurance... I need to submit physical script. Others (out of country meds, not sure its legal) I have been stable for 2 years on my meds. I can see "checking in" to make sure I am still stable. And, I don't mind turning in physical scripts every month to ensure control. I have to drive 2 hours for my General Dr. And psychiatrist in my area only comes 2x per month. She cancelled last time for emergency but then I had to drive to general. Did I mention my Daughter also is on ADHD meds thats 60 bucks copay total for meds that cost 20 total. I just Cannot afford it. Any suggestions?