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New Dx
tuxedo100 posted:
Good evening. I was recently diagnosis with ADD 3days ago. It was a relief. Like many of us with the diagnosis, somthing has always been not quite right, and professional school was extremely difficult.

I am just starting medication, but I know there is more to this diagnosis then just taking medication. I have to reorganize my life and daily schedule. The task already seems overwhelming. Does any one have any suggestions about how to do this or any websites or articles with any suggestions?

Gina Pera responded:
Congratulations, tuxedo100.

Actually, there is more to taking medication than just taking medication.

It's extremely important that there be a method to the prescribing process. And sometimes physicians don't follow a method.

They will start a patient with their "favorite" medication (there should be no favorites; some individuals respond to one type better than another, and there is no way of knowing this at the front end).

Or, they will start at an "average" dose. Again, there are no averages. There are only individuals. And if you are started at too high a dose, you will never know if that is the correct medication for you.

So, I would really encourage you to focus on getting the medication right, right now, before working on other issues. That requires you to target your symptoms -- actually write a list -- so that you have something to measure against.

The entire process is too involved to repeat here, but I do include a few chapters on optimizing medication in my book.

Best of luck,
Gina Pera, author
Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?