Drug of choice?
MyD0j0 posted:
I am 43 yrs old male and going in for a screening for ADD/ADHD due to some concerns my wife has raised; she deals with add/adhd children on a daily basis and believes that I have many traits. In taking the various self assessment tests available on the web, it would appear I am a great candidate for doing the screening--considering the tests so far have indicated see a doc soon or immediately...

The symptoms seems to have been exacerbated by marriage trouble and many of the symptoms seem to have amplified. If it comes down to it, and medication is necessary, I am concerned about the drugs being prescribed.

In my late teens I had a suicide attempt and in my mid to late 20s a severe break down with depression and anxiety. I'm also taking Naltrexone for alcohol addiction, having been sober now for 6 weeks. I'm also not real keen that so many of the medications (the stimulants, anyway) which almost all seem to have a side effect in reducing sexual desire or ability. Previous to our recent trouble, we have always had a great sex life and I in no way want to add yet one more thing that can cause dissatisfaction to the marriage--the alcohol and ADD/ADHD symptoms were/are enough as it is.

I'm curious what others have experienced with the various medications so that when I discuss with the psychiatrist, I can weigh my options with more than what the information that National Institute of Health has on the various medications.
cevangelin responded:
I am a non-ADHD wife and I ASSURE YOU that any improvement in focus, attention, cooperation, and being ENGAGED in conversation and relationship will FAR OUT WEIGH any sexual concerns for your wife. If you had a great sex life, chances are it won't go down the tubes!!!

Talk to your DR. but I would jump headlong into getting your ADD treated in every way possible. It will keep your marriage from becoming even more strained!

Blessings in whatever you do! And good luck in your marriage!