Misdiagnosed with ADD
LogicSense posted:
I am 31 years old and I was diagnosed with ADD around 3 years ago. I was prescribed Adderall, The dosage was raised twice, where it topped off at 105mg daily.
I recently received a thorough examination from a more qualified doctor. I had dysautonomia, which is a deregulation of the autonomic nervous system. As a result, I had developed a nystgamus in my left eye. The nystagmus had been causing me to become irritable when I tried to focus on something. Also, the Adderral had been inhibiting my liver function and I developed severe inflammation from an infection. Luckily, I found this doctor (who I won't name, so that this does not seem promotional). But let me ask, what does the diagnosis of ADD really tell a doctor or patient? That I have deficient attention? Did that pinpoint the cause? No. Without searching for a cause, treatment is a guessing game. I'm glad I didn't have more adverse side-effects and that I found the doctor who fixed both problems without using narcotics.
GinaPera responded:
Taking 105 mg Adderall is an extremely high dosage.

I encourage you to learn more about ADHD neurophysiology and treatment so you can be more pro-active in working with a more-informed physician.

Gina Pera