ADD/ADHD Addiction Medication Concerns
cevangelin posted:
I'm sure someone has already discussed this and answered it, but I'm new here!

My husband has literally been using substances to self "treat" his ADD and LD for 17 years! His family of origin for several generations has a history of addiction and heavy alcoholism. He used alcohol, pot, and cocaine regularly, and used every other drug on the market recreationally.

He entered substance abuse recovery in his 20's, and has been "clean" and sober for a number of years. He relapsed 2 years ago, but has been very straight for 2 years now.

He took Ritalin very briefly as a teen and never took it regularly. He has been virtually untreated his entire adult life.

I am VERY concerned that he needs med's, but he WILL NOT take them because they make him "feel like he used". They make him eupohoric and he HATES feeling that way. He gets anxiety attacks and throws up and feels terrible. Like he "used".

Any suggestions! Please help!

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