PRISCA08 posted:
Hello! Its nice to know that there are other working ADHD people that are struggling with time management and organization skills, and feeling like a failure and embarressed by all the careless mistakes that I make daily on my work. This is so discouraging to me and does not help with my Depression or Anxiety.

IM glad that I found this Community site. The information that i read today was very helpful. I have my hands full at home. A daughter and stepdaughter with ADHD/ADD, and a daughter with Borderline Personality. Boy O BOY! My husband too is ADHD, but well controlled.
jnystrom54 responded:
I have a child with ADHD. I tried the Ritalin with little to no success. I found the drug made my child lethargic and once it wore off she would either crash or become even more hyper-active. Believe me, I tried it for a period of time to see if it would build up in her system and alleviate not only the behavior but the side effects. It did not. After doing much research I found two programs that are working for my daughter and my family. I use Play Attention and ADHD Nanny. Play Attention is a program that builds behavioral shaping and she loves to play it which makes it that much more easy on me. ADHD Nanny (she is young), gives me and my family tools for everyday structure to assist her. Recently divorced I found it difficult to keep her structured because of going back and forth from two homes. Now, each household uses it and it is working for her and the family.