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Can I overcome ADHD?
out_sider posted:
I have started a career job I really like working, but I have a difficult time out in the field, and in life. I have difficulty paying attention when people are talking to me, forget important details and dates, act before I think, unintentionally inturrupt people when they are talking, diffuculty applying skills and actions from training to field work, often struggle with employer/employee relationships, no matter how hard I practice and try to be professional it's still poor in many areas, social relationships, and I don't do well with talking with people. I have to quit the career job or the company will let me go.

According to my psychiatrist, my problems are more related to mood issues. I do have major depressive disorder, which does affect me too. will i ever be able to work and keep a career job?
out_sider responded:
well?... do i even make sense to anybody?
AneKo responded:
Sounds all too familiar to me; Had been let go out of dozen career choices or so; I definitely have ADD, bipolar, now depression; There is hope: trying hypnosis, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, relaxation therapy, NLP, and commitment therapy. Most of my life I had been highly functional, now at 40 years old it is catching up with me. Also consider possible mild-high function Asperger's syndrome and anxiety disorder. Start working on yourself, keep yourself calm, the best you can while getting diagnosed & evaluated by a more helpful psychiatrist, then seek out a therapist, (not a psychiatrist), based on conditions you have pick a therapist who would work with more interactive therapies, such as the ones mentioned above; I have also started seeking out free help on youtube, (yes, youtube), where I found free hypnosis videos, audio & tons of material helping me develop modalities to cope with myself; Family support helps, if possible; but you can beat this, if you make a commitment to getting better!
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:

Please get a second opinion regarding a diagnosis of Adult ADHD. These symptoms are all classic for the disorder in adults. It can make all the difference.

Pat Quinn, MD