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medication not showing up in urine test
newmom91 posted:
hi i have several members of my family have adhd including me. one of oour family memebers is on concerta. the last few times that he has gone to the dr the havent been able to detect the medication in his urine. he says that he is taking the medication. what could be the reason for this? could it be the time he is taking it? i have hit a wall because if we dont figure this out he is going to lose his medication. all advice will be greatly appreciated! thank you
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
New Mom

I guess I have a few questions before answering. Why are he getting his urine tested and why will he lose his medication?

While metabolites of methylphenidate can be found in the urine, it may not always be an accurate way to measure if meds are taken.

Pat Quinn, MD
pgarcia43 replied to Patricia Quinn, MD's response:
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