Sensitive hearing = possible ADHD?
LivingInAJar posted:
Im really glad I am not the only one who has this problem. Mine occurs mostly with sniffing and snorting. I can literally single out the sound in an instant. One time, and I try and find the person its coming from. Then it bothers me until I remove myself from the situation. This has become really difficult pertaining to be in class. I cannot focus on schoolwork because of how much the sounds distracts me. I can hear it in classes of 200 or classes of 20. When I go out to crowded places, I can still here it. Even not in school it bothers me. I cannot enjoy going to the movies, or out to eat. I really want to alleviate it. Im going to try all of the suggested things on here. I would love to go to a doctor, but I dont have insurance.