pgarcia43 posted:
My ex husband said comparing me to a person he worked with, he thought I had ADD. Please let me know the symptoms I need to pay attention to and how I can have an idea if I have it.
An_246666 responded:
Try calling a Psycologist and tell them you think you may have ADHD and if a Psych-exam is what you need. Before calling, check out the symptoms for ADD/ADHD, you should try to remember your childhood schools years, they are going to want to know your experience will want to compare it to your current day to day.
From there, after testing (may take several weeks), you will get your report and if you have ADD/ADHD, there will be suggestions for treatment.
I am not a doctor, this was my experience when I found out I have ADHD, I was 38 when I found out.
Good Luck!