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pgarcia43 posted:
My ex husband said comparing me to a person he worked with, he thought I had ADD. Please let me know the symptoms I need to pay attention to and how I can have an idea if I have it.
meowoui1 responded:
You really need to go to the doctor who is qualified/knowledgeable in ADD, they need to know what you where like growing up as a child and into adulthood. I to am ADD growing up I was AD/HD but learn how to control being hyper. Being focused is not our strong suit, most of us do not have time management skills, getting things done is a struggle. 60% of us have a learning disability. Relationships are hard for us with our families/spouse. Right now I should be making dinner but I got side tracked in reading post and answering a post. We do not wake up one day and say I want to be AD/HD ADD we are born with it. I watched a documentary called ADD and loving it and I found out that it is passed on from gene pool to gene pool if one person in the family has it chances are so will another family member, and they claim it is a mental illness. I say things I do not know I said that can be hurtful I'm quick to say things without thinking. I would love to be able to get rid of being ADD but there is no cure for it.
GinaPera responded:
HI Pgarcia,

ADHD is called a syndrome, which means there is a broad range of possible symptoms. You don't need to have all the symptoms to qualify for the diagnosis, just a few of them.

This explains why people with very different challenges can have the same condition.

You can read more about ADHD symptoms here:

It's great that you are interested in learning more. Some people just dismiss the idea when it is suggested to them. But if you have ADHD, it's important to know because it will help you to target your challenges more effectively.

good luck!
Gina Pera
pgarcia43 replied to GinaPera's response:
Thank you so much for your reply. Would you know where I can get help? The best way to get help, to find a psychiatrist/neurologist, I have no clue where to start. Thank you so much. I'm an adult, I'm sure that makes a big difference with this condition.
Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to pgarcia43's response:
Hiya pgaarcia,

I hope you are still checking in with us.

Best idea for help would be to check with your primary care doctor for recommendations and your insurance company. See who you are covered to go see and I'm hoping your doc can steer you in the right direction.
Best of luck and health to you!

He who has hope has everything.
- Proverb

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