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    Adderall and Supplements
    An_246666 posted:
    Okay, I hope this makes sense, it took me hours. I am on full directed dose. This will make sense later...I hope.

    I have been on Adderall going on four months now. The results are night and day. Still I am in the guinnea pig stage or at least I feel this way, there are still moments of needed things that are lacking to help me function.

    I went to see my doctor a few days back and forgot to mention some things to her, even though I wrote them down...typical. This is what I forgot to tell her. I do have "get it done" days when everything was perfectly done from start to finish from the organization, planning to the final execution. This is only done while on meds regarless if I take them as directed or leave one dose out. Then there are days when I am on meds (full dose or part) and I am just running around doing things and I seem to not be focusing on what I am doing. I loose things, get distracted and impulsive. Concentraion, focus and memory have left the building and left the auto pilot on even when I was on the meds. Sometimes when on the meds I get very anxious, sparatic impulsiveness and fidgity and that distracts me from getting anything done, it feels as if I am in my old mode before diagnosis and meds.

    In the third month visit I told her that some days I dont feel like I need them especially when at home and I need to get some sleep and maybe eat. This trend started late in the second month and told her I had noticed some other things not mentioned above, other than that I felt fine and thigns were going well. I also metioned that I get so busy that I forget to take the meds in full dose at scheduled time. She said to try that for this month and we can discuss it next month.

    In this last visit I went back and forgot most of the things I had to say. I did tell her some things I was experiencing, she said to get back on the meds as originaly prescribed even if I feel I did not want to take them. And of course sadly and regretfuly I did forgot the important things from the third paragraph. I metioned that I occasionaly took herbal drops for ADHD. She said stop taking those.

    Due to the fact the I am loosing my insurance at the end of this which I discussed with my doctor we discussed solutions. In three months I am to go see her. In the mean time I need to know what if any supplements I can take, the do's and do not's etc.

    I do not know what to do. I am starting a new job that requires alot of communication and organization. I will have alot of new responsibilites and proceedures to rememeber. Just knowing this gets my anxieties racing. As for the drops which calmed me and did help me focus in a still quiet manner. I dont want to stop taking those I like the effects, I do have to for the new positon. There is a 20% alcohol to preserve the contents and all staff are subject to random drug/alcohol testing. I refuse to risk any reason to loose my new job and I have to follow my doctors directions.

    I dont know what to do I am in a panic. Are there any suggestions for me that I can take with Adderall safely?

    Thank you

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    ADD/ADHD vitamins nutrients that are especially important!
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