Can you get prescribed ADD medication if you are under 18 without parental consent?
julia122412 posted:
I honestly think that I may had ADD and I would like to get tested for it. However, my parents are very against taking medication unless absolutely necessary (usually neccesary rules out all pain medications and just antibiodics). Plus, I think they would probably think I wanted to abuse it in some way. How would I go about seeing a psychiatrist for this? Is it even legal? I am 17 by the way.
mrtechie responded:
Parents know best. Medication isn't a proven remedy for ADD, if you even have ADD. You will need a psych evaluation, proof of any problems in school including report cards and behavioral issues. And I'm pretty sure your parents need to be present in order to receive any sort of medication, especially a stimulant. They can be harmful if used incorrectly, even fatal. Talk with your doctor.