trying to get help
releivethestress posted:
am almost 40 yrs old. ive been seeing pshychs and drs since i was about 15 yrs old.they have put me on everything from anitriptyline to effexor. and nothing has worked yet. both my children were diagnosed with adhd and one is bi polar and we were seeing a psych and she suggested i get tested for all the problems i have. i have tried to get many drs and psych to listen to me but they only go by what the other dr said about depreesion and would not test just gave me more depression meds.. i am at a loss of where to turn as there is not many drs here and am unable to travel out of town..
BeingTrue responded:
Wow. It sounds like you have tried to help yourself. Since, there is a limitation of not a lot of doctors, and the doctors only listen to what your previous doctors have said. This makes it more difficult. But, this is not hopeless. To not be able to travel out of town may be a barrier for today.
My suggestion would be, to try one more doctor that you have never seen before and do not tell anything about the opions of the other doctors.
You want to get an opion that is totally non-opionated. By this, I mean: these other doctors that you had seen were comparing notes. The area in which I live the doctors can not compare notes unless I signed a release form for the doctors to talk to each other.
If you choose not to see another doctor, I understand. You can see a Physician Assistant. They can write scripts and give you information as well as a doctor. Their degree is just under a doctor. There really is not much of a difference. Sometimes the assistants know more than the doctor. Another idea would be to talk to a pharmasicit. They go throgh the same schooling as a doctor, but their focus is on medicine. A pharmacist can not write scripts, but he/she can give you a lot of information. Possibly recommend somewhere you could go. A self-help book for you to read, so you could understand your condition more. Vitamins and herbals are found to be more helpful now than ever known to us before. Vitamin D3 helps with mood and energy. My doctor has decreased my medicine and supplemented with vitamins. I feel so much better, and I am not so tired. My focus is better. Another one is the Omega 3 vitamins/ fish oil. Read up on vitamins. You can always talk to the pharmacist about vitamins and herbals, this is his field.
I have this book called "Feel Good", it talks about so many different things that do not involve medicines and vitamins. Sometimes, changing the way I think has done wonders. You are not alone, I hear your pain and there is a solution.
Just before I got online, I was really angry that my daughter, who is 18 would not help me clean the kitchen. Now, how silly is this. Your concern is much more of a priority than dirty dishes. I hope that I have helped a little. Good Luck. I will be thinking about you.