Different degrees of ADHD - just talking....
booberryjuice posted:
It's funny how in my DD her symptoms of ADHD showed up 5 days after she was born (severe colic, for 6 1/2 months.) and progressed to what I had called moderate to severe, but in my son, came up more as he gets older and I dont see it as being that degree. I see it as becoming moderate with his inability to sit still, and having a very hard time on focusing, so much that I'm almost in denial that he has ADHD. I wonder if its just his goofy way (a little comedian). The teachers say he gets into trouble - but he's not really being naughty... he just makes bad choices. And that mostly he cant stay focused during his classroom time. the PE teacher is harder on him- he seams to act like he's out of control all the time. I think it has been more denial with him for me (the age difference in my kids is 9 yrs.) I'm still dealing with the effects of ADHD with the first one , that I dont want to have my son have it. I just want "normal" acting kids that I tend to try to ignore the things in public and just hope no one will notice my children are arguing with each other and nit picking things to death. I DON'T think there is enough understanding out there with ADHD kids, the teachers 'say' they have knowledge and understand it - but I haven't met one yet that treats it well ! Are they all just 'harder on their own kids that have it ?? What do you think??