needs to be diagnosed
An_247591 posted:
Hi! I have no idea what ADHD is until i stumble
on it on webmd, while reading symptoms I
slowly realize and understood myself-how I
react, why i react that way. I wish i can get
checked but I' worried coz it says on this
website that it's hard to diagnose this
condition and the doctor should be sort of
ADHD expert.
The thing is, I'm in the Philippines and i don't
think we have ADHD experts.
I am also having a hard time sleeping. For some
reason I can't stop thinking of things,random
things, sometimes past confrontations and the
things that i should have said insted of standing
and looking at things happen by itself. I'm
cursing in my head imagining that I'm
struggling the child on the next room who
woudn't stop crying.
Also I read being a hyper sensitive person and
the symptoms all matches to my personality,i
wonder if that is related to ADHD. Thank you!
dianeMA responded:
  • strangling