Sensory issues - How do I get my Kid dressed?
booberryjuice posted:
I am believing my 9yr old has Sensory Integration disorder. ( He will see his DR. soon) I cant get him to "feel good" about wearing almost anything. He's down to 2 -3 of everything . It's disruptive to our daily schedules all summer (has been building for awhile) and now schools third day and we almost didn't make it on time to 2 schools this morning. I keep buying clothes - socks underwear etc. to no avail ! they never fit right - he says everything is too tight, and its not! he's small, only 53 lbs. and I have been buying sizes for 58 to 90 lbs.! I have tried different types etc.He says he'll wear things and I buy them - and then he wont wear them. It usually takes up to an hour and a half to get him dressed in appropriate attire (clean clothes) with crying and yelling from me and his sister,sometimes dad. I'm late for appointments etc. I know the struggles he's feeling , but there has got to be a way to get him up on his wardrobe! I hope some one has some helpful ideas for me - we are all so upset and frustrated with this.
momuv4girls responded:

Gosh this is tough. I used to work with children who have a variety of sensory issues, so I understand your struggles.

I will paste a few links for you to explore - maybe you've seen them before ?? If not, I hope they will be of some help to you!

Good luck with your son's evaluation, I hope it offers some insight and you can move forward with therapy / services to help him!

Take care!!