ADHD Drug Holidays: Should Your Child Get One?
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
Experts debate the pros and cons of giving kids a break from ADHD drugs.

I wanted to share some good information from our WebMD ADD/ADHD Health Care Center.

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sarah0323 responded:
My boys have way too much hyper activity to not take their meds. There have been times that we have forgotten it and I will get a call from the school. If it is on the weekend I can tell when they haven't taken it. They have asked for their meds. They prefer to stay on them. Even though they are young we give them options. The other thing is the type of meds that they are on wouldn't work to not give it to them on the weekends as it is built up in their system. If we miss a dose they get what I call a rebound effect that just isn't worth it.