ADHD Specialist in Oklahoma?
GARRICK posted:
I have a 7 year old son in Oklahoma city. I am looking for a specialist here in Okc. We have been perscribed medications by his pediatrician but I am looking for someone who is a specialist in treating ADHD.
momuv4girls responded:

I think its wise to find a specialist when dealing with young children.

Many child and adolescent psychiatrists are well equipped to diagnose and treat children with AD(H)D.
A second opinion is always a good thing, especially if the child is still struggling.

I have located a few centers in your area that may be helpful to you in finding a qualified Dr. to see your son.

Calling them may open up new ideas and resources.

Lastly the link below is a general link for your state.
It may take awhile to sort thru what is appropriate for your son, but I am sure there are a few more options for you to explore.

Take care !!
GARRICK replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you very much momuv4girls,I was setting at work reading your response when my son Tripp called and said how good he was at school today. I will look at the links you sent,thank you again.