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    Includes Expert Content
    Preliminary results of the evaluation... still, not eligible for 504 plan or IEP???
    strouse1982 posted:
    So, after posting about a week ago, I had the pediatrician send in documentation stating that my daughter has been and is currently under treatment for ADHD. We also submitted prior records of the psychiatrist who was treating her until the pediatrician & I chose to discontinue medications.
    Based on my daughters preliminary results of her evaluation, she was found to have "cognitive skills in the borderline range". The psychologist also states that she "is performing to the best of her ability and that children like her tend to learn at slower rates than others and perform below grade & age expectations throughout their school career."

    So, in my opinion, you would think that the school would want to intervene with preliminary results such as that? Guess again, they stated that it is "very unlikely Kaila will qualify for an IEP or 504 plan based on her current results". They are still testing to see if she would qualify for occupational or speech therapy, but as of now, I was told to not get my hopes up because the psychologist "did not note any significant impairments with either".

    Her current grades for 3/4 through the first semester of 4th grade --
    Math - C+
    Reading - C-
    English - C
    Spelling - B
    Science - F
    strouse1982 responded:
    I should also note that I've personally asked her teachers if they could please move her seat closer to the teacher to limit distractions & was told that since she's one of the taller students in the class that they cannot accommodate my request unless the results of her evaluation would warrant such.
    momuv4girls replied to strouse1982's response:
    Well, that's a bunch of bologna !!

    You need a professional to help you work with the school, because under the law, your daughter qualifies for a 504 since her diagnosis is ADHD.

    I am going thru the same process currently, except its to retain an IEP for my daughter, but I do know a bit about the law.

    What state do you reside?

    Here are a couple links to explore:

    I will tell you, the longer the school drags their feet, the harder this will be on your daughter. She needs to feel successful, not like a failure!

    I'm sorry they are being so difficult, please write back with your state of residence and I will try and find some additional links!
    Take care,
    strouse1982 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Thank you so much for your assistance Kathleen. We live in Pennsylvania.

    I cannot believe, even without the diagnosis, the results thus far don't warrant ANY type of intervention -- even something as simple as moving her seat.

    My daughter is gaining control of her symptoms, which is very helpful, but even she has, in my presence, asked why she can't have something as simple as having her seat moved knowing it would help improve her concentration.
    momuv4girls replied to strouse1982's response:
    Hi again,

    I have researched a few more links that may provide help and/or information.

    Keep on the school, talk to some advocates for help and don't give up. The bottom line is you want help and cooperation for your daughter to succeed. The school needs to step up and help.

    Good luck to you !!! Your daughter is lucky to have you advocating for her.
    mommyiam1 responded:
    I ma so sorry. NO parent should have to do this. My best advice is keep pushing. I did. I think i even became known as the "witch" of the school, but I feel I need to do what's besyt for my child. If I don't who will. Keep up the fiught. It will be hard, frustrating, and angering at times, but it will evenutally pan out. You know the sayin the squeaky wheel gets the oil? Keep squeaking!!! Good Luck. My daughter is on the fence like yours is, I understand how it feels. Keep fighting
    strouse1982 responded:
    I'm just going to sit & cry for awhile....

    The teacher called me today about my daughter's change in grades.

    Math - C no change[br>Reading - C is now an F[br>English - C no change [br>Spelling - B no change[br>Science - F no change
    Social Studies - was a D is now an F

    Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
    I'm really sorry that your daughter is having such difficuty and that the school is not helpful and that you are meeting such resistance. I would like to comment on several aspects of your email. First, it sounds like your daughter is not on medication for her ADHD and while it is your right to make that decisioin, I would like to point out that you may be holding your daughter back because of it. Here's why,

    You report that the testing by the school psychologist reported that her scores were in the borderline range of intelligence. That would put her a distinct disadvantage in a regular classroom where the other children are average or above average. With that IQ she would be expected to get Cs or below if she is not in a special class. That is why they said she would not qualify based on her grades and her IQ on testing.

    However, I have seen this before and the lowered score on testing is often the result of a child's ADHD and not because they have limited intellectual potential. THat's why I always recommend that a child be tested ON medication so that you can get a true picture. I have seen a child's IQ score JUMP as much as 30 points ON versus OFF medication. THat can make all the difference in what the is school is expecting of them regarding classroom performance. If she is performing below potential they are required to offer services and classrom best teaching practices.

    I suggest that you schedule a meeting with the school psychologist and go over the results and what needs to be done to help your daughter succeed. In addition, I would speak with her pediatrician again about the decision you made together to take her off medication.

    Your daughter deserves help. Clearly things are getting worse. Find someone locally who can help her and you.

    Pat Quinn, MD
    strouse1982 replied to Patricia Quinn, MD's response:
    While I feel that some children benefit from medication, I do not feel that my daughter is one of those children. My daughter has been tested on & off of medication, seen by many specialists, and many psychiatrists. All tests revealed the same results. Instead of criticizing parents for their medication choices, schools should be held more accountable for the laws that are in place, & yet, are not being upheld.

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