What age to test for ADHD?
An_248555 posted:
My step son is turning 5 soon, as has shown behaviors that could be linked to ADHD as well as Aspergers. I want to have hime tested, but I dont know what age to do that at? Is he a normal 5 year old or his he behind due to a disorder? Is his anger and mood swings "temper tamptrums" or is it a disorder? He has had several warnings about keeping his hands to himself and hitting and spitting in tghe last two weeks from school. We talk to him day and night, take away privlages, and nothing helps. Last night he woke up, ran to the hallway and peed, he thought he was in the bathroom (I get it, he wasnt awake yet). We didnt get upset or anything, and he started to cry and scream uncontrollably. He couldnt tell us why, he was just crying.

I am new to parenting, and I just want to cover my bases, but I dont want to test him if he just being a kid.

If anyone has any good suggestions we could try, please let me know!

Thank you so much.