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Inappropriate urination
An_248564 posted:
Though he is a great kid overall, my 8 year-old son has two serious behavioral issues: 1) urinating on the the floor, pillows, stuffed animals etc. at night; 2) constantly stealing snacks from the house w/o regard to consequences. Searching the web, it seems both problems are shared by many, but frustratingly there seems to be no consensus as to the cause.

There are other reasons frequently mentioned for inappropriate urination, but my son does not share these:
-mental trauma or abuse (my son seems very happy as far as I know)
-fear of using the bathroom (he's not)
-anger (don't think so, but perhaps he is acting out about his lack of control about not stealing snacks and/or being disciplined for it -- by not getting daily snacks the rest of the week)

However, one thing I noticed on the web is that many kids with this issue have ADHD. I'm wondering if anyone knows anymore about this.

Since a number of kids who have had this problem have ADHD, I thought this might be the cause. My son does not lack focus (though he is very fidgety/energetic), and he has little trouble at school. He is bright, popular, and happy. However, he is very impulsive, which of course is one kind of ADHD. Since he has no trouble at school, I'm wondering if he would not be diagnosed with this, but the inappropriate urination is a huge problem and very disturbing. So, I will likely seek a counselor or psychiatrist for my son.

(Other info, he sometimes craves attention, even if it means getting disciplined more. He does gets plenty of positive attention from his parents, but we have 3 other children.... We are strict, but not overly so. Yet, I do think my wife is too strict in terms of controlling snacks and tv.)

Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks!

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