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DkayG posted:
I'm a 51 year old female, who has been treated for anixety and depression. It's been blamed on everything from a bad marriage, pms now menapouse. I've really stated noticing alot of different things over the last few years. First let me start in 1993 when i was seeing a heart doctor, a very GOOD one at that. He ran every test know to man and said it was stress, I was given several different meds i can't even remember them all,nothing seemed to help. Well in Oct 1994 I had a heart attack at the age of 33. No one could believe it. They said it was due to birth control pills and smoking. I got a stent the first person in our area to get one. My blockage was only 75% and every 3rd day it clogged since I got mine thy've been improve coated with meds. Long story short they had to bypass stent. After being released They gave me xanx seemed to work for a long time. Still had problems. Then my obgyn put me on zoloft for pms??? I no longer take that it didn't seem to help. WELL lets move into 2010 my nieces start telling me your meomry is bad whats wrong with you? My mom works with me I clean houses Whats wrong with you!!!! You started cleaning this room and didn't finish it !!! Eveyday for the last two years family members including my husband Whats wrong with you!! I do stupid things like Stress about everything worry all the time. Forget towels in the dryer for a couple of day,forget to turn on dishwasher,lose my keys ,I can't keepup with anything I've even left my car running and came in the house!!!! I'm tried all the time and I never seem to get anything done. It really been scaring me since my grown nieces ask me whats wrong you can't remember nothing, You don't listen to us when we tell you things.I love my mom so much but I get so tried of hearing somthings wrong with you wheres your mind at today pay attention. Me and my husband having been fitting so much lately because I overdue the checking account again because I forgot to write down a check, charge cards are maxed because I compluse buy. But when he said to me last week you can't even get along with your mom I thought they're right somethings wrong!! I finally talked to a friend that said you my have add or adhd. As tried as I stay another thing that my family has been saying to me weekly is You never sit down which would be fine if I was getting somethin done!!! But if I do have something can I take meds with my past heart problem?? Any Help OUT THERE?????????

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