finding a child psychiatrist in my area
jolandan posted:
At this time I am currently at the point where I will loose my mind in about 3 seconds. My 8 year son was diagnoised with adhd/anixety unrelated Feburary 2011. He has be admitted to a partial hosptialization program twice since that time and may need to go a third time currently we live in the chicago area and our insurance is giving me a hard time because he is not receiving his pshych therapy so they willnot allow his primary doctor to prescribe his meds any more well the state won't pay either so what's a mom to do when you are single mom working part time all you have is the state and you get a phone call every other day from the school telling your son behavior today was unacceptable i need help the last call from the school was a threat to call dcfs because of child neglect i need help in finding him a doctor that accept illinois allkids medical insurance please some help me
MiriRose responded:
I'm so sorry, this sounds like a very stressful situation. Have you let your son's school know about the circumstances you're facing with the insurance and the doctor? I would hope that they would be understanding and patient with you while you get this resolved. Have you have a chance to meet with your son's teachers face-to-face? This can also be very helpful and you can work with them to address your son's behavior in the classroom.

As far as offering suggestions for your specific situation, I'm sorry that I don't know of any referrals. However, I do work with Focus on the Family, and they have a Counseling Department you can call at no cost. The Focus counselors might be able to offer some direction and direct you to a psychiatrist in your area. I hope you'll consider calling -- the contact information is on Focus' website .

There is an article I came across called, "How to Help an ADHD Child ." This might be helpful, as well.

I have said a prayer for you and your son. I hope that things start to turn around for the better soon, and that you'll find the support and care your son needs. Blessings to you!