What Is Wrong With My Daughter?
rtmart41 posted:
My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and extremely defiant. She has absolutely no empathy for others. She does exactly the opposite of what she is asked or told to do. She continually skips classes and no amount of discipline matters. Her therapist says that she suffers from RADS and she has some anti social behaviors. He also said that she doesn't live in the same reality as "we" do. She is 6 months pregnant and we told her not to tell the father and she did because she thinks he will stick around.
She is 16 years old. She never really had a bond or relationship with her mother. Her mother left us when she was 3 and her sister was 18 months and she became my little helper with her sister. It has been so unstable for most of her life. I remarried 6 years ago and she doesn't get a long at all with her step mother. However, her younger sister who is 14, does get a long with her step mother.
We are at the end of our rope with her. We don't know what to do. She accepts no responsibility for her actions and then when she has to suffer the consequences, it is everyone else' fault. We are trying to get her to give the baby up for adoption but she believes that she and her boyfriend can raise this baby. She can't even get her grades up and not skip school. He can't even seem to get to class until 11:00 or 12:00. Not to mention the fact that he is on probation for drugs and alcohol.
I don't know what to do....any suggestions?!