Adderall makes me sleepy
Emmyb posted:
I am a 32 year old female and I have recently been diagnosed with adult ADHD. I believe I have had this since childhood but it has gotten to where I can't function. Once I got diagnosed I went to my dr to get meds. She gave me 5 mg adderall XR to start with and then I could work up to a dosage that works for me. Well it made me so sleepy. It got to where when I would p the dosage I would have some energy for a couple days but then I would be sleepy again. I went back to the dr and we decided to try the non XR version of adderall. Well it makes me very drowsy to. I'm wondering what's going on and my dr is acting like I don't have ADHD. I was put through multiple tests to get diagnosed and I truly believe I have it. Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so what have you found to help you? I feel like I'm going crazy, I just want to feel normal and have energy to get up and be productive while also helping me focus.