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    Dealing with ADHD is hard
    SmallTownGirl posted:
    my name is Jennifer...i was diagnosed with ADHD, mild autism, bipolar, servere depression, ODD and PDD when i was eight years old. I had problems making friends and i still do...i have better relationships with kids younger than me...meaning i get along great with my 17 year old sister's friends than i do with people my own age...i do have a boyfriend who understands and he loves me for who i am...i am on different medicines and been on meds since i was diagnosed at eight. i recently was diagnosed with anxiety and paranoia. i was even told when i lived with my mother in FL by my therapist that all the medicine i had taken since i was eight may have caused memory loss...i cant remember to take any of my meds and i have been off them for a long time because of that. Does anyone know a way i can remember to take them? Anyways back to the problem of not making friends...all my life people have either lied to me, were backstabbers, taked bad about me, or pityed me. i decided when i was 16 years old not to trust anyone because they are liars and hate people like me...but then i met my wonderful caring boyfriend Joe and i knew that he was a trustworthy person and the only one...I also was told that my brain at the time i was eight years old was the brain of a two year old and that they didnt know what it would be as i got older...which is why most people find that odd. i also was deaf at one point when i was a toddler cause of alot of ear infections as toddler. finally the doctor told my parents they would put tubes in my ears and remove my adnoids and tonsils which not talk to much....
    10Ichabod responded:
    "May the road rise to meet you, the sun shine warm on your face and the wind always be at your back."
    Jennifer, I am sorry to hear of your troubles and glad that you have found one caring person you trust. We all need that. As to remembering to take your meds, in my experience with my ADD/depression, I will never remember, That's the way it is. I must be reminded.

    My reminder is a simple two week pill box that I fill with all my medications (9 total - 5 in the morning, 4 at night). The box has two separate (AM & PM) compartments for each of the 14 days. The box is clear plastic so i can look into it and see at a glance if I have taken the meds scheduled. I have to have my reminder visible, otherwise I will not remember it. So, the pill box can't be in a drawer, it must be out on the bathroom counter top where I will see it in the morning when I get up and then in the evening when I go to bed.

    In the past, I've had a couple of pill containers that beep at you to remind you. They were OK as long as I carried them with me, but aren't useful for the number of medications I take these days.

    Hope this helps. My best wishes to you in your struggle.

    "May the road rise to meet you, the sun shine warm on your face and the wind always be at your back."
    mattthecat replied to 10Ichabod's response:

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