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Frustrated and need help
mommieof20102 posted:
I'm new to this forum. I was reading some of the posts and thought maybe I can find the help I'm looking for..
I've been dx'ed with bipolar for about 4 yrs now, I'm on lamitcal and celexa it seems to work well for me, without it i'm an emotional mess. Over the past 2 -3 yrs I have start skin picking, my back is scared, I'll pick till it bleeds and then again as it heals, not sure if it's nerves or stress or what, I've gotten really bad infections from it, but i still do it. What really bothers me the most is I can't remeber things I can read something and forget most of what i just read, some can tell me something but when i go relay it i get it all messed up, I feel stupid like I don't know anything as tho all knowledge went out the window, I never finish anything i set out to do, don't even know how to start it either, i get frustrated a lot! I've been called stupid because of it, I have no drive to do anything anymore, it seems to be affecting my life in a big way, a few yrs ago a dr put me on either Stratra or conterta but it messed with my lamitcal and my moods changed.
I hate feeling like this, but i don't know what to do. I hate the feel as though your just here like your floating through life. I want to feel normal again, I want to remember things set goals and complete them, I want to feel as i do know something..

Any help or advice for me?
MariaNajaka responded:
Did the skin picking start when you began using the lamitcal and celexa? Have you always had trouble reading something and remembering what you read or is this fairly recent? I'm asking, because maybe your doctor has you on the wrong medicine or misdiagnosed. Maybe you could try a different doctor and see if they come up with a different dx and/or a different remedy. Times like this are trying and can weigh heavy on us, but things don't stay like this. Obviously you're a smart, caring and sensitive person. The discussion you posted was clear and articulate. If anyone calls you "stupid" they are ignorant and don't deserve any attention or energy from you! Good luck!
mommieof20102 replied to MariaNajaka's response:
I've been on the medication for 4 yrs now that's when I was dx'ed. the picking has been on and off a good 2-3 yrs now. My dr said I need to see a psych and therapist, I'm reviewing some before I make an appt.

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