JiuJitsuMom posted:
My six-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD. She also has congenital glaucoma stemming from a port wine stain that has scleral involvement. Her glaucoma is being managed. When she was two she had a goniotomy in her eye to reduce the pressure and that seemed to work. She's been on glaucoma medication since she was first diagnosed as a baby.

Now that she's been diagnosed with ADHD, I wonder if it would be safe for her to be on medication? Her pediatrician says he relies heavily on her pediatric ophthalmologist. I left message for him and he had his assistant call me to say it was okay to be on ADHD medication with the glaucoma.

However, everything I read online or in the medication literature seems to say otherwise. I went on, webmd, and the Concentra pamphlet literature and it says DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE IF YOU HAVE GLAUCOMA.

I will also note that she was also born with an "innocent" heart murmur. We've never been referred out to a cardiologist but the reason why I even remembered is because it also said DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE IF YOU HAVE HEART CONDITION.

So as you can imagine, I am a bit conflicted about this. Please help me and shed some information. Any bit of info will be helpful. I live in Phoenix, Arizona so if you know of a doctor I can go to for a second opinion that would be great.