An_250458 posted:
I just read an article dated 1/26/12 about ADD. This article does not accept any more posts. I was livid!!!! It states among other things children with this problem usually fail in school AND usually become involved in drugs. How dare they!!! My 6 yr old child child has social anxiety disorder and may have ADD. She is seeing a highly recommended doctor. I also know people with ADHD. Most things I have read pertaining to these issues, on this site, appear to me that someone wants to scare us more than help.
By reading some questions people are asking it seems too many parents are self diagnosing their children just by reading some of these articles, not just ADD or ADHD. I am not a doctor but please see a good professional before going crazy..
mydixie responded:
I wrote this on 2/16/2013. However, when I went on the website today 2/17 I was unable to log in--I was using screen name as dixiedo. I had to re-sign up today using mydixie as screen name--guess someone did not llike my comment