Ideas to reduce ADD symptoms
SuperNemesis93 posted:
Hi, I have ADD and want to know how I can reduce or control the following symptoms:
  • Being distracted easily and inability to focus. Like I easily get distracted and either doodle or bite my nails and miss important things the teacher says
  • Boredom, procrastination and motivation. I easily get bored and don't get motivated
  • Unorganized. I am not organized
If anyone can help with advice the best they can I would really appreciate it.

Thank you
likethesocks responded:
Those are tough with ADD -
If you have trouble focusing try to take notes on what the teacher is saying - if you are still itching to doodle draw something to do with the lesson. A bonus for visual learners, It may even help you remember it when it comes time to take the test!

For drive and motivation I usually have to bribe myself. Like "If you get out of bed now you have time for long hot shower, Mmmmm!" or "If I get this chapter read I can watch an episode of my new show!"

Organization is kind of a monster! I carry a notebook in my purse to write down things to remember and make lists. I even take pictures of things with my phone to remember (then I don't have to keep track of the paper!) Google Calendar runs my life and send me text messages when I am supposed to be somewhere. Try to identify the areas you really struggle with and find a trick or outside influence to help compensate

Good luck!
SuperNemesis93 replied to likethesocks's response:
Thanks for the advice I'll try it out
mattthecat replied to SuperNemesis93's response:
good post