my 9 yr old
monkey11905 posted:
am a parent of a 9 yr old with adhd\odd....hes been on meds for 4 years now..well now hes again in theropy and also sees a child psyc.i am doing everything i can as a parent i need some advice.i have recentley found a knife inh his bookbag and had i need a parent return one to me he gave a student.i need help on what to do.hes has lit 2 fires in his room and recentley found a shirt he has lit on fire please someone help me...
momuv4girls responded:
What does your son's psychiatrist say?

Does your son have behavioral issues in school?

It sounds like there needs to be an emergency meeting with the psychiatrist to discuss a plan and see what else can be done to help this young boy.

Is he also in therapy?

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