Connection between headaches and ADHD
feliciac66 posted:
Has anyone found any connection between headaches and ADHD? My son is now an adult with ADHD and has been having headaches since childhood. I could not get his diagnoses until he was 16 so no medication was taken until that point. He had been diagnosed with cluster headaches but I have spoken with many of my friends that have children with ADHD and there children all have headaches, nose bleeds, etc.. I would be interested if anyone else here has any insight.
renejoy responded:
I am new here. My son was diagnosed with migraine at 11 and went through severe depression at 16, 17 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he is doing fine on the meds now and the doct suspects ADD, he is now 19. His headaches are under controll, but the moment he has to concentrate on school work for too long he gets headaches.
renejoy replied to renejoy's response:
I most certainly also think they dont handle stress well and should be treated for it as it is a form of stress headaches because they cant cope with whatever it is that is bothering them.