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Trouble Finding The Right Medicine for My Child with ADHD
An_243468 posted:
We have had trouble finding the right medication for my son for the past three years. Currently he is taking intuniv and lamictal. He is taking the lamictal to stabilize his moods. It does not appear to be working and his rage is much worse than ever before. He gets so angry that he throws things and makes holes in the wall. He has never hurt us or himself. The meltdowns come from triggers such as a change in the schedule or a disappointment or from homework. I do think the intuniv is helping him focus in school. I was told that some children respond to other mood stabilizers such as trileptal and clonidine. I am at my wits end with everything and I can't take much more of this. He is now a teenager and is a lot stronger and I'm worried what's going to happen with he rages and my husband isn't home.

Just curious if anyone else has a child with ADHD and has trouble with their child having rages?
momuv4girls responded:
Rages are not typically "ADHD" - I would categorize those as mainly from mood instability.
(see this link)

So, way back when..........was your son ever just on an "ADHD" med? If so, what was his mood like then?

How long has he been having these rages?

Also, does your son see a psychiatrist? Does he see a psychologist also?

Sorry for all the questions, but a bit of back history is helpful to give more accurate suggestions to you.

Thank you,
An_243468 responded:
My son has anxiety, sensory integration dysfunction, and some aautistic tendencies. WE have tried SSRI and those cause more mania symptoms and don't like the anti-psychotic medication. We just got back from a new psychiatrist today and he is going to keep him on the intuniv and wean him off of the lamictal since it's not helping. He added amantagine which apparently helps with rages. He also mentioned eventually trying trilipetal. Have you ever heard of amantadine used to control rages and stablize mood/
momuv4girls replied to An_243468's response:
Yes, I have heard of amantadine, but not necessarily used to stabilize mood or rages.

Typically a mood stabilizer medication is needed for that - like Lamictal, lithium, tegretol, etc...

My daughter is on a mood stabilizer and an anti-psychotic med (seroquel).
It is not unusual for a child to need both a mood stabilizer medication and an anti-psychotic med to even our their mood and get the rages under control.

Lamictal is typically most effective at a therapeutic range around 200mg to 250 mgs - what was your son's dose?

An_243468 replied to momuv4girls's response:
Well, he was taking 300 mg of lamictal and we felt that it wasn't helping him at all. They are weaning him off of the lamictal and that is why the doctor wanted to start amantadine because apparently it can help with impulsivity. They can't prescribe another mood stabilizer until he is off of the lamictal. The intuniv is helping him focus. There is another mood stabilize that they might eventually start once the lamictal is out of his system called trileptal. He put two holes in the wall while taking lamictal, so we have no evidence that it ever helped him. The teachers have reported that the intuniv is helping him focus. The whole medication thing is quite frustrating. We have been dealing with this for three years now. I would imagine that if the amantadine doesn't help him the doctor will take him off and try trileptal.

Do kids with ADHD typically have rages mainly when it comes to shifting and getting off of technology?

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