ADD & Procrastinator
An_250803 posted:
Hi, I am 22 years old stay at home mom. I was diagnosis with ADD in the 9th. grade. Long story short. After the birth of my 2 year old daughter in june of 2011, I have become a huge procrastinator. I have my good days and bad days. My house can get over whelming to clean. I will sit and think "i really need to get up and clean this or that" . Also, my pre pregnancy weight was 130. I am now 208. I can not seem to stick with anything. It is super hard to motivate myself do things. Any help and advice woould be greatly aprreciated!
Thanks in advanced!
AnatomyJunkie responded:

I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with attention problems. Have you talked with your doctor and gotten medication for ADHD?
Also, while this is not meant as a diagnosis by any means, difficulty motivating oneself and being destructible are also signs of depression.
Oftentimes, depression and ADHD are linked and a person could have both, and this is especially common in women. Check with your doctor and get a diagnosis so that you can feel better! Good luck!