relationships and ADHD
An_250823 posted:
Is there alot of common problems with relationships and ADHD? I am the partner of an ADHD adult and we are on our 5th year and second child and we are starting to have major issues . Is there anybody else having complications with ADHD and significant others?
Gabrielgew responded:
I my goodness, yes yes yes!
My partner and I have been together for 10 years, and my undiagnosed ADHD has driven us over a cliff many times. In fact, as a last resort in saving our relationship we started reading a book called, "Is It, You, Me or Adult ADD".

Word for word, in painful detail this book described our life together! It also gave practical advice on how to proceed, together. (: Get the book immediately, and then ask your partner about seeking counseling; it's essential for adults with ADHD!

good luck, gabriel
starduster4504 replied to Gabrielgew's response:
Thanks, Gabrielgew, my husband and I are going through the same thing. I will pick up the book. My husband is dragging his feet about therapy, which I believe is essential to move forward. Any tips for me to get him on board?
ann220 replied to Gabrielgew's response:
Thank you so much Gabriel, I am grateful to have any advice on the subject. I plan to go out and find the book you suggested as soon as possible!