romo0982 posted:
I am wanting some help with a question. If a child truly has ADHD can they pick and choose when it acts up? Or is this a condition that they cant control without medication.
billmancn responded:
That is a really good question. My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with ADHD. It was tough for me to swallow the diagnosis, because he can focus on TV and legos just fine! Our therapist said that kids with ADHD can focus on some things. Honestly, after everything we have gone through with him it has made me wonder if I have it as well! I can focus on what I usually need to.. but put me in a lecture, and I am gone - I have a really difficult time focusing on auditory information. So I wonder if that is what it feels like? Our therapist says that as our son gets older, he can learn coping skills. But right now, he is really too young to be aware of that.