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Vent Session I Guess...
craem posted:
I just joined this group and haven't had a chance to read thru everything but I need to vent. I have ADD and my husband and I have so many issues. This weekend we were in a huge fight because I am out of medicine and we really can't afford the $200 to get a refill right now. I am a wreck without it.

I was told that a stupid pill can't make me "get it together". He's tired of the excuses about being out of medicine. He said I must be addicted to the pills and I am turning into a pill head.

I am so aggravated with myself. I seem like I walk in circles and everything falls apart when I don't take my medicine. We run two businesses - I can't afford to be like this.

I can't even get to a point with this message

I don't know what I am trying to say or ask. I guess I just need to know if I am crazy or not. I am hurt, upset and aggravated. I know what needs to be done I just can't get it done. Everything from invoicing customers to cleaning my house. I feel like I am losing it
ralanz responded:
Respectfully, I think your husband means well, but doesn't understand. Start with making a list, i.e. refill prescription, etc. It's okay to take a break in order to prioritize.
I often found myself feeling the way you describe yourself. The best tool I developed was to NOT obsess over how bad I was doing, but start with something relatively simple and finish it. Some days/weeks were hopeless, but eventually I would come around and complete something of importance.
Do you find that taking a few days off from meds is beneficial? Good's not you, it's the ADD. You might ask your MD for something to help you get a good night's rest....then you can start refreshed.
AnatomyJunkie responded:
If your husband is unwilling to have an open mind to how you're feeling, then there's not a lot of support coming from him, which is unfortunate.
The problem with ADHD medicine is that it does the work of concentrating for you. Of course, you still have to put forth effort to pay attention, but you don't get distracted as easily.
After being on the medication awhile, your brain isn't used to having to try to focus, because the medicine has done that for you. If you're planning on going un-medicated for awhile, you might try daily exercise, setting a schedule for yourself, and perhaps some notifications on a cell phone or iPod.
Also, eating healthy is a major factor in ADHD management. Some foods can aggravate symptoms, so research on that subject (WebMD has many articles on ADHD-friendly foods) might prove beneficial.
Talking calmly to your husband about your situation might also help, or write him a letter if you feel as though either you or him is not ready to talk. Let him know that he might not understand how you feel, but the reality of your thoughts and emotions shouldn't be ignored simply because he doesn't understand. Perhaps have him talk with your doctor as well, so that he can understand the issue completely.

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