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kjaafamily posted:
So ive come to the realization that my 7 year old daughter might have adhd. she shows all the symptoms. from not listening .easily distracted. trouble in school. and home. I have so many questions if she does has it. and my doubts because she is only 7 and maybe I don't want to accept it. I don't know. what next? is there anyone that can help us. with all this
momuv4girls responded:
It sounds like your daughter is struggling and you are searching for answers.....Its so difficult as a parent to watch this, it is a helpless feeling.

The very best advice I can give you is to find a smart, board certified, caring Child Psychiatrist to evaluate your daughter and find out what her issues are and how to best help her succeed.

Here is a resource page, and a "finder" page.

Good luck on your search, I hope you find some good help!
kjaafamily replied to momuv4girls's response:
thank you . I love my daughter and its hard to accept this. let alone understand it. im going to go through the process with her pediatrician and all the test. thank you for the link. now its time to eat an elephant. one bite at a time.
mattthecat replied to kjaafamily's response:
tiffany_mooney responded:
dealing with an adhd child can be very hard and frustrating here are some tips that I have picked up dealing with my son whom was diagnosed at age 5 with adhd (he is now 10)
---choose your battles wisely! if your childs behavior is not hurting anyone physically or emotionally and not hurting themselves let it go classify behavior as warning, misdameanor, and felony.

----work out homework together dont do thier work for them but prompt them

-----most importantly give lots of praise along with discipline if child does something wrong point it out but make sure to add in what they have done correctly or include a good job or way to go of some sort

-----make sure to give simple easy to understand directions and tasks the more info you give the more it gets jumbled together

---- limit tv and game time close to bedtime it can keep thier mind busy for hours

---- limit sugar intake and foods and drinks with red dye it has a chemical in it that increased anxiety

hope these help and good luck with your daughter adhd can be easy to deal with if you know what it is and can help your child understand it. it doesnt make them dumb or bad but they tend to think it does and often need to be reminded that being adhd is not an excuse or a bad thing it just make them special and lots more loveable

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