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    ADHD, ODD, and severe anxiety 7 year old. Getting worse daily! Help
    An_251228 posted:
    My son is 7. Was diagnoised Severe ADHD, ODD and Severe Anxiety. End of last year, our house was broke into, his Xbox stolen, days before his bday, less than a month later, grandma passed away. On Concerta (54mg), Trazodone (50 mg, stopped sleeping when grandma passed), and Prozac for Anxiety (5mg). Started a down hill slide, failed every spelling test but one since October, grades dropped. Behavior continously worse. Been in behavioral therapy forever. Found out his case manager has to transfer, been in his life 6 years. That was the beginning of the end. A little over a week later, and he's had a complete meltdown nightly. Past three has progressed (in 4 days) to drawing fist at me, putting hands on 15 month old brother, damaged propeeerty, police report filed, punched me in arm, screams yells, total defiance, and it usually last from 30 minutes to hours. Nothing or anyhting sets him off. This is not the ADHD, etc as before. When the ADHD meds are gone, the impluse kicks in. His anger can be out of control regardless of meds. He goes to Dr. through counseling service, plus hs regular doctor. Waiting for retesting, but they say he is too young to have anti social personality ( which his dr said it seemed like), too young for conduct disorder, etc. I don't know what to do. When the anger kicks in, he is unccontrolablly strong. I cannot hold him down. He lies, steals, decietful, never takes blame for anything, has stories that are specifically detailed, but never happened. Has seen spiders that arent there, bangs his head into furniature, you name it. But he is the smartest, kindest, most loving child you will meet. As long as he's not angry. Most of the time after the rage, he goes to sleep. they are usually at night, or evening. The next day, after his meds kick in, he says sorry, and truly feels bad. He feeds off arguing, so I sit through thses and other than redirect some, cannot speak to him, dicipline him, or really acknowledge the meltdown, not matter what he says, or how long he screams and yells and talks bad to me. I step in when there's a chance of him hurting his baby brother, and in these rages I cannot take my eyes off him for one second, or he will destroy something or hurt someone, I have no doubt. And you can see it on his face and in his actions, he is totally out of control and cannot stop it. I have been in the past couple days starting to record them on my phone ( the mild ones where I don't have to have two hands free). I am beyond knowing what to do. He shuts down all the time. He says his brain tells him to do things and he don't want to but his brain takes over. I am so aggrivated that everything is "he's too young for this or that kind of testing". I don't know where to go for answers. He has great therapist and case managers, but this is so sudden, they are as shocked as us. I need help for my son, I can't find anything that tells me age testing limits and what to do. He's been impulsive, defiant, no pain concept, etc since he was old enough to walk, But the past few months, I don't know where it come from. He wasn't clsoe to his grandma, he does NOT attach to hardly anyone. I can see the issue with his case manager transferring, but i jsut don't know what to do. My husband, my two teenage daughters, we are all dumbfounded. My 15 month old son stays terrified in his screaming rages. I love my son with all my heart. We hav etried every thing under the sun, everything suggested, we've brain stormed, nothing works. It breaks my heart that I cannot help him. Anyone with any kind of info to comment would be GREATLY appericiated.
    momuv4girls responded:
    This is SO hard, and I am so sorry for your son, you and your family ((((Hugs))).

    You need help and support ASAP.

    It is hard to say from reading a post, and not knowing your son....but it sounds like there is a lot more than ADHD going on here, and that makes medication a lot trickier.

    You mention anxiety and ODD too, that is my daughter to a tee.
    Life at home used to be pure he!! with her, until her psychiatrist found a good medication combo.

    So, what about your son's Dr. ?? Is he seeing a Child Psychiatrist?

    The behaviors your son is displaying are scary and dangerous (especially with a baby in the home) - you don't want anyone to get hurt, so this type of violence needs to be addressed - and soon!

    I will paste some links for you to review and explore, and I hope some of it will help point you into a good direction.

    There is help out there, so please keep searching for answers, and write back anytime!!
    mattthecat replied to momuv4girls's response:

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