risperidone : nervous about it., b/c of tics? any good long lasting results??
booberryjuice posted:
We tried the lexapro and his behavior got worse. He has ADD/ADHD and OCD -ish things.(probably not the normal things its known for) I have read up on the risperidone and most say it works good for awhile then doesnt. then some have had problems with tics - that also lasted after stopping the meds. Any one have any real good lasting results?? I'm worried about it. today was the first dose and he has gotten a headache and tummy ache so far . Dont know if its related to it yet but.....
momuv4girls responded:
risperdone has worked long-term for my daughter, but it has helped her frustration / anger, more than her ADHD symptoms.

My daughter started off taking .25mgs, then over time we've had to increase it. She has been on it for 5-years now.

I would keep track of your son's behaviors/mood whenever trying a new med, and/or new dose, that way when you go back and see his Dr., you have clear data with dates etc...of how he has been doing.

Hope this helps a bit ?? Take care!