Importance of diagnosis
edmp1 posted:
I am living in Sweden although I am British. I have been seeing a psychologist who thinks I have ADD. I have long suspected this and ALL of the signs are there. I discussed briefly about diagnosis and medication and the psychologist was pretty opposed to both. I do understand her reasons and in Sweden they are very cautious about medication for mental health issues. My question is 'what is the value of diagnosis?' if not for medication. Personally, I wouldn't expect the world to suddenly become a more understanding place with a diagnosis and there are lots of strategies that can be employed - some of which I already use. There is part of me that would like a diagnosis just as some sort of justification as to why my life has been so chaotic and for the barrage of criticism I have endured for not being able to cut the muster. I am an intelligent individual but achievement, organisation, dressing smartly, keeping healthy, looking after money, healthy relationships, respectful friendships are all things that elude me. If I am not ADD, I feel then that I am just plain stupid.
Len1956 responded:
Without a confirmed diagnosis you should not take stimulant medication....Asked your therapist for a thorough evaluation or refer to someone whom will do this.
bourbonowski responded:
To me being cautious about medications is understandable. However if you were diagnosed you might be able to change their mind on being opposed to them. You might have a better idea as to how bad you have adhd. I have adhd and my quality of life would be drastically impacted if I didnt take a stimulant medication.