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ADD links with Maladaptive Daydreaming & 'catfishing'?
An_251723 posted:
Hey everyone I'm new here. I'm a female and 21. Appreciate anyone who manages to bear with the long post.

Had all the symptoms of someone with ADD and what seems to be called maladaptive daydreaming (not diagnosed however) for as long as I can remember and I'd just like to request some insight into some things as I really can't face a therapist - though I visited my gp once, concerning my levels who said they'd refer me to a specialist but didn't.

I was abused once by an older male and coincidentally for a period of time by two older females as a child though my family remain unaware. The abuse from the females however took place by them grooming me into believing we were playing a game where I'd have to pretend to be 'their husband' and from the ages of 6-10 after initial resistance they got their ways (separate people/periods).

I spent a few teenage & some adult yrs somehow getting caught up into 'catfishing' across 4 different online identities (3males 1female) one at a time. They started off as just light anonymous chat with no intention of escalating then found myself having to backstory who i 'was' and ended up in intense relationships (sounds crazy online but completely possible). Messed up i know, not proud of it, beat myself up about this for ages. Also just to note I did this while juggling a perfectly what seemed to be 'normal' life as in friends,social,now&then relationships(never at the same time though),education,career etc.

Anyway finally ended the last one (always found a way to end one due to guilt eventually) but feel severe withdrawal symptoms and some anxiety i'm almost not sure what 'myself' is anymore. I realise that this covers numerous things so may find it beneficial to search elsewhere as well for an allrounded response.

So my questions to this section are: Could this all tie in with undiagnosed ADD escalating?

And just in general any thoughts/help/advice please?

Thanks for anyone's time.x

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