My son got it from me.
An_252008 posted:
My son is 7 yrs old, he was diagnased with adhd w/violent tendencies. he is on three different medications, and the doctor told me that adhd is passed on from father to child, but what if the mother was diagnosed with the same thing when she was 6 yrs old. i havwe adhd, termatic brain injury, emotional disabilities, and learning disabilities.

I work hard with help from my community, but it is dificult at times. my son is a handful, especial with having three other children. I am always getting calls from the school about his behavior.

i want to know if the mother can carry the gene, and ways that i can help my son better evebn with my didabilities.

Thankfully, being on SSI has helped a lot. i am home all day and can give him more attention.
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