Is a drug test for Adderall normal???
LilyTortie posted:
Hi. I was wondering if my situation was normal or if it has happened to anyone else before. I am 40 years old and was only diagnosed with ADD a few years ago. I'm on Adderall (generic)- started on 5 mg. a couple of months ago, then dose was increased to 10 mg., then this month was increased to 20 mg. I tried Concerta (generic) a couple of years ago. I took it for at least 2 months, but noticed no change in my ADD ( inattentive-type). Then for a long time I was not being treated for it, because I couldn't find a psychiatrist that would take my insurance (wouldn't go back to my former psychiatrist because he wouldn't prescribe me anything but Concerta), and primary care Dr. didn't think he should prescribe psych drugs because we wasn't a psychiatrist. But he changed his mind about that a couple of months ago (I don't know why), and when I went to see him last week to get this month's prescription, the nurse told me they needed a urine sample. Well, I thought that was odd, but I complied with their request anyway. I have never really used drugs. I have an occasional alcoholic drink, but the most I ever have is maybe 4 or 5 a week, and sometimes (like now) don't have a single drink for 2 months or more. I tried pot once about 10 years ago, but hated it because I can't stand the smell. That's about it. I come from a family that never uses any of that stuff. I have never heard anyone on ADHD meds, who have never been treated for substance abuse problems, say they had to take a drug test to get their meds, and I have never been asked to submit to one, but the nurse told me it was necessary. Does anyone here think this is strange? I would appreciate anyone's opinions on this matter. Thanks.
mattthecat responded:
Lily Tortie: welcome to the board. To answer your question I have never had a physical were they primary care doc did not ask for a urine sample even before I was diagnosed with ADD. I asked my wife and she said the same thing also. I have psychiatrist who prescribes me my concerta for ADD and have never been given Adderall. Although I am really surprised being that I have been on riddlen and couple of other ADD meds that I have never been asked to get a medicine level test which is blood drawn and tested. My wife has bipolar disorder and so does a lot of my family and it is not unusual at all for a doctor or psychiatrist to ask for a medicine level test especially with heavy duty pysch drugs.
I am not a medical professional so i have no clue what is up with what your doc is doing but if you are concerned maybe see if your insurance has a nurse line and ask the nurse if what your doc is asking you to do is out of the norm. My insurance has a nurse line and the couple of times my wife has called it the nurse was very helpful but also very transparent that the nurses advice was centered around saving the insurance money by cutting down on unnecessary tests and trying to find the customer less costly solutions to there problems. If you are really concerned maybe get a second opinion with another doc. Other then that I would think it is weird if i were in your place. Sorry to hear you are having problems.