Is ADD that bad really? How bad is it for you?
mattthecat posted:
I am of two minds on ADD and possibly ADHD. I have always felt that the only reason to do any thing about the symptoms at all is to live with those around me and to stay employed. I my self do not mind the day dreams or jumping from subject to subject. The symptoms have always made me feel creative and alive. I have even enjoyed the times when I found something i found some thing i have enjoyed doing and mastered it in no time because I focus every thing in to it all at once.
On the other hand I do not enjoy the fact that when I have to do any thing I am not 100% in to I have to use tricks or medicine to get them accomplished.
So to sum it up I have never felt to burdened with ADD. What do you think how do your symptoms affect you. Does ADD/ADHD really make life that hard?