Side effects of Adderall???
tlk1980 posted:
I started taking Adderall 30mg XR again in January after the birth of my daughter in November. ( I was diagnosed with ADHD & OCD about 6 years ago and have been on Adderall). I am also on Effexor for anxiety & Wellbutrin. Lately I have noticed severe mood swings. I am fine one minute and the next I freak out about the smallest thing. This is hurting my relationship. I find myself also picking at my skin constantly! If I find a zit, I will squeeze it, once it forms a scab, I pick at it over and over. I also pick at the skin on my lips to the point where they bleed and are sore. I also find that I space things off, procratinate with everything, even important things like a baby shower I planned. I waited till less than a week before to sent out the invitations & I dont know why. I had them in my vehicle ready to go the whole time, I just needed to stop and put stamps on them. When people would ask if I mailed them out, I would lie and make excuses as to why I hadn't mailed them, or I would lie and put the blame on someone or something else. It's very hard. ok actually impossible for me to admitt to anything. I fing myself lying to cover up the things I do or dont do rather than just admitting it was my fault or that I procrastenated in doing something. I find an excuse each day as to why I didnt so something I said I would do "tomorrow". I hate this about myself. It's very hard for me to be open/honest with my boyfriend about things as well. It's hard, almost impossible for me to communicate my feelings to him. When I need to talk to someone or ask for something, its impossible for me to pick up the phone and ask, or ask face to face. I have to email or text. It's almost like I am scared of the answer and don't want to face them. I hate being in public! This causes me to miss/cancel appointments and lie about why I am cancelling. It also takes a toll on my kids because I never take them out of the house... I could go on and on about how live each day and how my mind works. I just want to feel normal and live a normal life! This could all be related to anxiety which I have been told that Adderall can make anxiety worse... I love taking Adderall. I love the ability to focus. I love that it supresses my appetite and give me evergy; however, I want to be done living the way I live from day to day. I want to regain normalcy. What are some suggestions??