What is the perfect age to have a baby?
An_252658 posted:
I am Hannan Helal, 26 years man, love a girl aged 18 years. We married on 24/11/2012. So, it is very much important to know : what is the perfect age for my wife to be pregnant? Pls, help me to know this.
An_253130 responded:
It depends on a lot of things..does your wife have educational goals? She should go to school first (it's more difficult later, after you have children), does your wife feel she is ready to have children (it's a big commitment, and it's good to observe others who have children by spending time with that family). Also, perhaps you want to spend time together just as a married couple before you add children. Children are also expensive, so consider your financial goals and preparations. Otherwise, there is no "perfect time".. Enjoy building your own family story together!